8th - 10th November 2012

The 2012 KAEAM Symposium was meant to be a place, a space and a time for interaction and networking, and a time to better ourselves in line with KAEAM objectives.  It was also meant to be an opportunity for domestic tourism.  

The symposium was held at Nyahururu – 2,377.44mts (7,800ft) above sea level, a town that for decades is shared by two provinces (Central and Rift Valley) and currently two counties – Laikipia and Nyandarua. It is therefore a meeting place for many cultures, a transit route to many destinations and a home to many.

Nyahururu town shares a few attributes with KAEAM.  Likened to Nyahururu, KAEAM is an association that brings together professionals from different backgrounds and work experiences.  It is also an association that nurtures members’ professional growth.  In KAEAM, we are all on transit to something and somewhere particularly to a leadership with a conscience.  

The Symposium
The 2012 KAEAM Symposium came at a time when the world through the UN is reflecting on 2015 the target date for achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and mobilizing resources for a ‘global conversation’ on post 2015 development agenda.  2015 was also the target for Education for All (EFA).  At a local level we are talking of Vision 2030.

Objectives of the symposium
Symposium 2012 was a time:

1.    for participants to share research ideas and findings
2.    to learn ‘how’ to edit oneself
3.    to learn how to apply oneself in a community

4.    to network

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Book of Abstract Symposium 2012

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