Gender Disparities in Land Inheritance among the Samor Community in Baringo County, Kenya


Agriculture in Kenyan economies advocates the essence of land as a basic tool of human development, hence, those who own land are perceived to be of a higher socio-economic status than those who don’t have such rights. The study investigated gender disparities in land inheritance among the Samor community, Baringo County. A descriptive research design was adopted and both qualitative and quantitative techniques were employed. The study was conducted in all the four sub-locations of KabarnetMosop location. The study employed survey method with questionnaire as the tool where 364 questionnaires were administered. In addition, ten in-depth interviews with key informant were carried out. Quantitative data was coded and managed using the SPSS program and the data was presented using tables, figures and percentages. Qualitative data was manually analyzed according to themes and narratives developed and presented in form of verbal quotations. The study findings suggested that the Samor community continues to subordinate women as far as land inheritance is concerned. The study recommended that gender in education policy 2008, should provide a planning framework for responsive at all levels in all institutions to address persisting negative socio-cultural practices and attitudes towards land inheritance to both men and women. The policy should formalize the rights and responsibilities of all people involved directly or indirectly in the education sector and are further expected to contribute towards elimination of these disparities. This has been supported by the sustainable Development Goals, specifically goal number five, that all forms of discrimination against women should be ended. 


Keywords: Disparities, gender, land inheritance 

Contact: Sarah Chelimo, PhD student, Kisii University, Eldoret Campus 


To cite this article: Chelimo, S. (2018). Gender Disparities in Land Inheritance among the Samor Community in Baringo County, Kenya., Journal of African Studies in Educational Management and Leadership  Vol. 10. pp51-56


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  Available online  December 2018
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