David Maboko Nassiuma 


The development of Multiple Intelligences in school is a critical component in the promotion of individual development and self-fulfillment amongst students which is one of the national goals of education. Accordingly, this study examined issues in incentives administration as a panacea for the development of Multiple Intelligences among students of selected schools in Keiyo South Sub County. The study aimed to identify the students’ perception of their varied abilities and to find out the reward system of the school aimed at developing Multiple Intelligences. The study utilized the Multiple Intelligence Theory advanced by Howard Gardner (1999) and the Management Competency Framework by Quinn, Faerman, Thompson and McGrath (1996).A survey that employed qualitative and quantitative research technique was used with a general population drawn from 32 secondary schools in the Sub County. Stratified and proportionate sampling was used to select 14 schools of which 3 were Extra County schools while 11 were county Schools. The respondents included 14 head teachers, 42 teachers and 280 pupils who were selected using simple random sampling. Questionnaires were administered to teachers and pupils while interview schedules were used to get information from head teachers. The findings established that the school administration did neglect development of Multiple Intelligences in school and there lacked motivational rewards towards development of Multiple Intelligences. It is recommended that, school administration should strive to identify and develop student’s varied academic and non-academic abilities. Students who possess the varied ability should be rewarded so at to enhance their participation. 


Key Words: School Administration, Incentives and Students Multiple intelligences 


Contact: David Maboko Nassiuma; Teacher at Kapkenda Girls High School.


To cite this article:Nassiuma.M.D (2018). Issues in Incentive Administration: A Panacea for Development of Multiple Intelligences in Secondary Schools in Kenya, Journal of African Studies in Educational Management and Leadership  Vol. 10. pp 5-19


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