Selection of a Preschool: Comparison between Play-based and Academic-based Preschools in Eldoret Municipality

Scholastic Musakali Adeli



Parents and/or guardians normally consider many factors in selecting a preschool for their children. Among such factors are location, accreditation, and teacher credentials, past performance, children’s safety, school philosophy and discipline. This study sought to establish whether parents/guardians were aware of classroom methods in preschools and whether they consider such as factors for selection of a preschool. This study therefore compared parents’/guardians’ awareness of play-based and academic-based preschools in Eldoret Municipality.  The study adopted a survey design. Data was collected from all willing parents/guardians from various churches in Eldoret Municipality. Churches were selected because they brought together different people with different school priorities. A questionnaire was the main instrument for data collection.  All parents/guardians who had a preschool child were free to participate in the study. Using convenience sampling therefore, a total of 253 parents/guardians were involved in this study.  The major finding of the study was that 72% of the parents/guardians preferred academic-based schools rather than play-based schools because the focus in most schools is on academic achievement rather than play.  Findings from this study are important in creating awareness to preschool teachers, administrators, parents/guardians on the differences between the two types of preschools. The assumption is that if parents are aware, they will make informed decisions concerning the type of preschool they would want for their children.


Keywords: Preschool, play-based schools, academic-based schools, classroom methods


Contact: Scholastic Musakali Adeli - Moi University, 

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  Available online December 2016
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