Principals’ Pedagogical Leadership: the Panacea for Challenges Facing School Principals

Nobert Wanjala Wanyonyi, & Irene Simiyu



Leadership in a school is equated with headship as demonstrated by a sitting school principal. This is the person expected to lead the school. This view is premised on the fact that both the appointing body and the school sponsors have consensus that the candidate is fit to lead the school after considering certain milestones in the career of the teacher. However, despite this confidence, principals face many challenges as they seek to carry out their responsibilities. The challenges arise from the perception that school leadership is an individual endeavor, a factor that makes the work demanding and the life of the principal difficult. This paper presents the narrative of a school principal in a secondary school in Western Kenya and details his experiences of trying out pedagogical leadership as he set out to involve teachers and students in the daily running of the school. The narrative and the discussion that follow are significant for any principal who sets out to bring school improvement while involving other members of the school. Ministry officials will also find this information useful in planning the content of future in-service training for school leaders. We conclude on a positive note that pedagogical leadership can be the panacea for some of the challenges facing 21st century school principals, the world over.



Key words: pedagogical leadership, school improvement, distributed leadership, school effectiveness, school leadership


Corresponding author: Nobert Wanjala Wanyonyi, & Irene Simiyu


To cite this article: Nobert Wanjala Wanyonyi & Irene Simiyu. (2017).  Principals’ Pedagogical Leadership: the Panacea for Challenges Facing School PrincipalsJournal of African Studies in Educational Management and Leadership  Vol. 8, pp, 4-2017

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  Available online July 2017
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