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  • Does the content and topic of the manuscript address issues of educational importance and fit within the mission of the Journal? Please give reason why or why not.
  • If the paper has used a theoretical or conceptual framework, is it clear? Is it appropriately used and explained? Is it relevant?

Research Approach

  • If the manuscript presents research data, is the study well constructed and are the research methods employed sound?
  • If the manuscript is not research based, is the problem satisfactorily articulated?

Literature Review

  • Is the literature review thorough? What else should be addressed?

Findings and Conclusion

  • Is the work significant enough to warrant being published in the Journal?

Organization and Clarity of Writing

  • Is the work well organized, formatted correctly, and succinct?

Mechanics of Writing

  • Please highlight errors on the manuscript and suggest changes in a different color.

Strengths of the Manuscript

  • Weaknesses of the Manuscript

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Is APA Style of writing used consistently?

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