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JASEML Reviewers

  1. Prof. L. A. Kivuva, University of Pittsburg, USA
  2. Prof. I. Ubassey, Calabar University, Nigeria
  3. Prof. Irura Ng'ang'a, Garissa University, Kenya
  4. Dr. Hosea Kiplagat, University of Eldoret
  5. Dr. S.N. Maina-Chinkuyu, Montgomery School District, Maryland, USA
  6. Prof. M. Ndurumo, University of Nairobi, Kenya
  7. Prof. K. Kitainge, University of Eldoret, Kenya
  8. Dr. E. Okiring, Makerere University, Uganda
  9. Dr. Wairimu Muita, Consultant, Kenya
  10. Dr. Florence W. Wamunga, University of Eldoret, Kenya
  11. Dr. R. L. Karei, University of Eldoret
  12. Dr. C. O. Ongondo, Moi University, Kenya
  13. Dr. G. M. Were, University of Eldoret, Kenya
  14. Dr. Fatuma Daudi, University of Eldoret, Kenya
  15. Prof. Jackson K. Too, Moi University, Kenya
  16. Ms. Margaret K. Kosgey, University of Eldoret, Kenya
  17. Dr. P. Wanyeki, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology
  18. Dr. Wangari Gathuthi, Karatina University, Kenya
  19. Prof. F. Yieke, Laikipia University
  20. Prof. Alfred Rutere, Laikipia University
  21. Dr. Beatrice Imo, University of Eldoret
  22. Dr. O. Misiko, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology
  23. Dr. C. Sempele, University of Eldoret
  24. Dr. Franscisca Mbutitia, School of Education, Moi University
  25. Dr. V. Kimeli, University of Eldoret, Kenya
  26. Dr. Justus Barasa Maende; Jomo Kenyatta Foundation
  27. Dr. Antony M. Gathumbi, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology
  28. Ms. Irene Simiyu, Kibabii University, Kenya
  29. ​Dr. Anne Sang, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology


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Date: 7th to 9th October 2015














Welcome Session

Name of the Presenters

Opening Prayer & Introductions


Ms. Rachel Karei

University of Eldoret

Welcome Remarks

Secretary, Kenya Association of Educational Administration & Management

Hoseah Kiplagat

University of Eldoret


Keynote Presentation

Leadership with a Conscience: The buck Stops Here!

Prof. J. W. Khamasi

Registrar Academic Affairs, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology


Governance and Leadership in Education

Name of the Presenters


Preparation of Leaders with a Conscience in Modern Kenya

Prof. Patrick Acleus Kafu

Dean School of Education, University of Eldoret


Challenges realized in the implementation of the one third Gender Policy in appointment of Board of Management in Eldoret Secondary Schools

Dr. Dorcas Serem,

University of Eldoret


Ranking of Schools in National Examinations in Kenya: A Promise or a Challenge

Ms. Jane Barasa,

Ms. Sarah Likoko

Dr. Risper Wepukhulu

Kibabii University College


Factors Influencing Transactional to Transformational Leadership Choices in Tertiary Learning Institutions: Bungoma County, Kenya

Mr. Joseph Otunga Simwa


Forgotten leaders? Leadership role and workload of directors of studies (DOS) in secondary schools in Kenya

Ms. Sarah Likoko,

Ms. Joseph Otunga,

Ms. Florence Wanjala &

Dr. Risper Wepukhulu,

Kibabii University College


Environment Education and Education for Sustainable Development

Name of the Presenters


Effects of Human Activities on Performance of the Tourism/Hospitality Industry: A Case of Oloolaimutia Location Maasai Mara Curriculum in Kenya

Ms. Rachel L. Karei &

Mr. Joel O. Nakola,

University of Eldoret


The Causation Issues of Terrorism in Kenya and its Effects on the Provision of Education

Mr. Walter K’Odipo,

Garissa University College


Practice of sustainable agriculture in Kenya Secondary Schools

Mr. Ouma O. Peter & Mr. Masese M., University of Eldoret



Name of the Presenters


Mobile Social Network Addictions among Kenyan University Students: A Case of Kibabii University College

Ms. Sarah Likoko,

Ms. Jane Barasa &

Mr. Edwin Masibo

Kibabii University College


Hedonism among University Students: Implication on the Quality of Learning in Kenyan Universities

Dr. Mbutitia Francisca N.,

Dr. Adeli Scholastic M.; &

Dr. Chesire Irene J.,

Moi University


Online/Offline: A Reflective Voyage

Ms. Khadiala Khamasi, MPH student, Moi University


Trends and Patterns of Emerging Drugs and Substance Abuse in Public Universities in Western Kenya


Dr. Rispah Wepukhulu, Ms. Florence Wanjala &

Ms. Sarah Likoko, Kibabii University College


Teaching and Learning

Name of the Presenters


Pedagogical Leadership: The Panacea for Challenges Facing School Principals

Mr. Nobert Wanjala Wanyonyi

Ms. Irene Simiyu,

Kibabii University College


Teacher Leadership: The Narratives of Two Secondary School Teachers

Ms. Irene Simiyu, Kibabii University College

Mr. Clement Eyinda


Thinking Sociologically: the Role of Institutions of Learning in Symbolic Interactionism

Ms. Margaret Kamara Kosgey

University of Eldoret


 “Because I will Enjoy My Life When I Grow Up…” The Education of Girls in Some Selected Nairobi Slum Schools

Mr. Jafred Muyaka

University of Eldoret


The Irony in the Pedagogy Practices of Primary School Science Teachers in Kenya

Dr. Sammy M. Mutisya,

Masaai Mara University


Workplace Practices and Policies

Name of the Presenters


Sexual malpractices in Secondary Schools in Kenya

Ms. C. Sempele,

G. Ariya,

R. Karei, University of Eldoret


Transfer Process of Teachers in Public Secondary Schools in Kenya: A Personal Experience

Dr. Joyce M.A .Lugulu,

Moi University


The New Employee Assimilation into Organizational Culture

Mr. Macharia S. Kamau,

Kabianga University


Cohesion and Integration: Role of Higher Education Institutions in Kenya

Mr. Maende Justus Barasa,

Bukura Agricultural College


Of Battles of Supremacy and Ethnic Undertones in Secondary Schools Staff Development

Ms. Margaret Kamara Kosgey

University of Eldoret


Rethinking Educational Leadership: Leading When the ‘heat’ is on

Dr. Jepkemboi Choge, Maasai Mara University

Ms. Cherotich Choge

Created on 22nd October 2015 

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Research Approach

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Literature Review

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Findings and Conclusion

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