Individual membership:

·         Application fee: KES. 1,000.00

·         Annual Membership fee KES. 1,500.00


To register as a member:


1).Please SEND your CV that includes the details indicated below

via the following email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

i). Your Name: (Prof., Dr., Ms., Mr., Other)

ii). Institution of affiliation, your cell phone and email:

iii). Include a brief of your professional background.

iv). Give us the name of the person who introduced you to KAEAM and his/her cellphone number.


2). Once we receive the details mentioned in (1) above, we shall advise you via SMS/phone call or email how to send membership subscription fee. 


3). We shall acknowledge your payment via email and SMS within 48 hours. The membership offer will be sent to your email address.


4). Your name will be listed on the KAEAM website within 30 days: www.kaeam.or.ke .

Thank you for your interest!

Revised  25th November 2021


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