Moses Shiasha Ingubu & Nyaga Jonah Kindiki




The 21st century is a period identified with much diversity such as socio-economic status in the area of education. Formal education sector is now universal in some countries in Sub-Sahara Africa given the advances in technology, democratisation, human rights and globalisation. This accessibility has brought a number of dilemmas especially to the school teacher and pedagogy. This article adopts a critical-conceptual approach to analyse the socio-economic setbacks and discusses the ways of transforming the teacher and teaching in the 21st century. The article concludes that the teacher is still a powerful force in the transformational wheel of education and socio-economic development, and should therefore be given opportunities to transform and shape the direction education is taking in this era of socio-economic upheavals in sub-Saharan Africa.

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To cite this article: Shiasha, M. Ingubu & Nyaga, J. Kindiki (2012). Empowering Teachers to Cope with Socio-Economic Diversities of the 21st Century in Sub-Saharan Africa, Journal of African Studies in Educational Management and Leadership, 2:1, 50-62

Available online May 2012
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