Lazarus Ndiku Makewa, Joseph Masinda, & Elias Mbuti


The purpose of this study was to determine how teachers evaluate selected leadership characteristics of the head teachers of private schools in Tanzanian, Meru District.  In order to establish the patterns of instructional leadership, leadership styles, communication systems and decision making procedures of the head teachers’ in private secondary schools in Meru District, a descriptive research design was used to obtain information for this study. The study also utilized a comparative approach to explore differences between or among groups on selected leadership variables. Descriptive data were collected through a self-administered questionnaire and from past records of students’ marks as kept in Arusha Education Region Archives. Data was collected from teachers in nine schools.  The groups of participants comprised 97 teachers.  The findings revealed that teachers perceived that their head teachers practice instructional leadership, appropriate communication systems and decision making procedures, democratic leadership, autocratic leadership and some degree of laissez-faire leadership.

Dr. Lazarus Ndiku Makewa
Department of Educational Administration, Curriculum and Teaching
University of Eastern Africa, Baraton
P.O. Box 2500 – 30100, Eldoret
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To cite this article: Makewa L. Ndiku, Masinda, Joseph, & Mbuti Elias (2012).  Teachers’ Perception of Selected Leadership Qualities of their Head Teachers: Meru District, Tanzania, Journal of African Studies in Educational Management and Leadership, 2:1, 38-49

Available online May 2012
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