Moses Munyau Kimanthi (PhD), Ruth Thinguri (PhD) and Mary Mugwe (PhD)



The purpose of this study was to explore the application of safety standards and guidelines on physical infrastructure safety in public boarding secondary schools in the County of Kitui, Kenya. The study involved a mixed methodology. The design was concurrent triangulation. The target population was 172 participants. The study utilized a sample of 50 participants. Questionnaires and interviews were used. The tools were fore-tested in two schools that were left out of the study sample. The investigator invited experts and the supervisors to scrutinize the instruments for validity. Concerning reliability, the test-retest method was employed. Cronbach’s Coefficient Alpha of 0.700 was achieved. Concurrent triangulation was used to assure credibility. An in-depth interview was used to test the dependability of qualitative instruments. Quantitative data were presented in descriptive statistics. Inferential statistics embraced chi-square analysis. Qualitative data was presented through thematic analysis. The study established that there was meaningful infrastructure in schools but there was room for improvement.

Keywords: Physical infrastructure, safety standards and guidelines, secondary schools, security

Contact Author: Moses Munyau Kimanthi (PhD) School of Education, Mount Kenya University

To cite this article: Kimanthi, M, M., Thinguri, R. & Mugwe, M. (2020). Implementation of safety standards and guidelines on physical infrastructure in public boarding secondary schools in Kitui County, Kenya, Journal of African Studies in Educational Management and Leadership  Vol: 13, p 5-19


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Available online: December 2020
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