Jared Odongo Ogol, Ruth Thinguri PhD and Mary Mugwe Chui PhD



The mismanagement of education school funds in Public Primary Schools (PPS) due to lack of effective stakeholders’ involvement in school financial management has led to embezzlement of funds summing up to billions of shillings. The purpose of this research was to evaluate the impact of stakeholders’ involvement strategies on financial management outcomes in PPS in Homa-Bay Sub-County, Kenya. The study was guided by performance budgeting theory. It used mixed methodology survey research design. Concurrent triangulation was used to ensure credibility. Sixty-five school head teachers, 65 Board of Management (BoM) Chairpersons and 62 BoM Parents representatives were sampled through simple random and purposive sampling. Thirty-six Parents were selected through systematic sampling. Purposive sampling was used to select the 4 Sub-County Auditors for Schools.  The sample size was 232. Quantitative data was presented using tables. Qualitative data was presented in narrative form. This study recommended the need for the government of Kenya through Ministry of Education to sensitize stakeholders to be more involved in the school financial managements in PPS.


Keywords: Stakeholders, involvement, financial management, outcomes


Contact author: Jared Odongo Ogol, Mount Kenya University, School of Education.




To cite this article: Ogol, O, O., Thinguri, W,R. & Chui, M, M. (2020).Stakeholders’ Involvement on Financial Management Outcomes in Public Primary Schools in Homa-Bay Sub-County, Kenya., Journal of African Studies in Educational Management and Leadership  Vol: 13, p 77-p 89



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Available online: December 2020
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