Franscisca N. Mbutitia



Despite educational commissions recommending the establishment of guidance and counselling services in Kenya since 1976, schools have not fully implemented guidance and counselling programmes. In the year 2001, corporal punishment was banned in Kenyan schools. What alternative did the Government give the teachers? Did the Government take the initiative to prepare the teachers and learners for an environment where there was no corporal punishment? The objective of the study was to establish why the best practices in guidance and counselling services are still not being adopted in Kenyan schools. A qualitative research approach was used based on Social Learning Theory. A survey was conducted among fourth year students who had completed guidance and counselling practicum. Purposive sampling was used and data was collected using interviews, focus group and documents. Data was thematically coded. The study established the challenges faced by the school counsellors as: no offices, negative attitude of the school community towards counselling, culture of caning in the schools, interference from school administrators and no time scheduled for guidance and counselling. The factors identified as hindrances to best practices are: lack of budgetary allocation, lack of trained personnel, cultural beliefs, teachers and students negative attitude towards guidance and counselling services, lack of support from the administrators and the large number of students in school. Best practices in Guidance and Counselling would help the students better understand themselves, accept themselves therefore using their resources fully to contribute positively in technological development.


Key words: Guidance, Counselling, Best practices


Contact: Mbutitia F. N   , School of Education, Moi University

To cite this article:  Mbutitia F.N. (2017).  Assessment of the Effects of Public Primary School Head teachers’ Leadership Skills on the Kenya Certificate of Primary Examination Results, Journal of African Studies in Educational Management and Leadership  Vol. 8, pp, 58-2017

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