Catherine Sempele


Remarkable changes are taking place in the education sector in Kenya. Home Science Education is not an exception. In the previous education system, Home Science was only offered as an optional subject at the secondary and tertiary levels of education. This came with various challenges related to the teaching and continuity of the subject at various levels of learning. However, in the new curriculum structure, it is proposed that Home Science subject be offered at all levels of education starting from the primary through to the university level. This paper presents results from qualitative data gathered using semi structured questionnaires from 23 Home Science tutors (6 male and 17 female) based in 9 Primary Teacher Training Colleges (PTTC) in Kenya. Further, this paper examines their perceptions of significant challenges facing Home Science Education in their learning institutions. These include challenges of the Home Science curriculum offered in PTTCs that relate to: attitude towards Home Science, curriculum content; instructional methods; instructional resources; assessment techniques; besides the trainees and trainers related challenges. Findings suggest that indeed there are many challenges PTTCs experience which are not unique to Kenya and that they in one way or the other affect Home Science Education at the other levels of study. Importantly, the paper gives suggestions on how best these challenges could be managed to improve the future of Home Science Education given its rebirth in the new curriculum structure in Kenya.

Key words: Home Science Education, Curriculum, Primary Teacher Training College

Contact: Catherine Sempele, University of Eldoret, Kenya


To cite this article:Sempele, C.  (2019).Home Science Education in Kenya: Visioning the Future., Journal of African Studies in Educational Management and Leadership  Vol: 11, May-August 2019, 6-21


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